Speed up your IMDG
Segregation by Simple Steps
Indicate HAZMAT Products
DGCheck™ allows to speed up the process by uploading loads details from your files
Process the Loads
System will determine number of containers required and will generate summary manifest and list the placarding required

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DGCheck™ Benefits
Latest IMDG standards supported

DGCheck™ supports latest IMDG regulatory documents, making sure you do not miss any boat
Web- based solution for any device

Works on any standard web browser, and device that supports a web browser
User-friendly Interface

Intuitive comprehensive interface satisfies need of both experts and novices
Transaction based Fee

DGCheck™ can be retried any time you need it without any subscription
Multilingual Interface

DGCheck™ speaks with you the language you prefer
Cloud based record keeping

All the transactions on DGCheck™ are securely maintained in the cloud and can be retrieved
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