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Who Needs DGSMS?
DGSMS provides Dangerous Goods compliance solutions for shippers, distributors, 3PLS, Carriers & trainers. We offer different software solutions for land transport, sea carriers, and air transport as well. Our dangerous goods transport solutions can help any logistics company save time and money with regulation compliance.
Which Industries Does DGSMS Serve?
At DGSMS, we excel in providing enhanced HAZMAT compliance solutions across many industries. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Hazmat / Dangerous Goods Ship
  • Placard calculation for LTL shipping in USA and Canada
  • Segregation for LCL shipping compliant to IMDG
  • Generating Declaration for IATA, IMDG, ADR, 49 CFR , TDG
    • Applies to
    • Manufacturer of Dangerous Goods
    • Distributor of Dangerous Goods
    • Packer of Dangerous Goods
    • Trainer in Dangerous Goods
    • LTL consolidator ( Carrier) of Dangerous Goods
    • LCL Consolidator ( 3PL) of Dangerous Goods
  • Industries:
    • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    • Goods origination from
      • Manufacturers of goods containing Dangerous Materials
      • Distributors
      • Laboratories
      • Hospitals
  • Cold Chain Transport of Goods
    • Air, Sea and Road transport of Goods
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Food and Beverages
…and much more
What Does a “Cloud-Based” HAZMAT Compliance Solution Mean?
DGSMS’s HAZMAT compliance software is all browser based and takes advantage of cloud-based storage to help meet customer needs. This means that as long as you have your secure login information, you can access your data wherever you are. We provide mobile solutions as well, so that transport drivers can have constant access to the information that they need, wherever they are.

Cloud-based storage also means that you don’t need to worry about data loss or faulty hard drives. All of the data stored through our apps and solutions is securely backed up on a daily basis so you never need to worry about losing any of your records – they’ll always be available to you at the click of a button.
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