Ideabytes® is focused on providing the highest quality
in Products and Services that improve efficiency by 30% or more.
For you to be our customer, we need to provide value;
Value in Price, Value in Quality and most important Value in Service.
Our Strengths
Experience with HAZMAT Since 2014
Numerous satisfied clients Across The North America
Expertise in IT Solutions
For robust products
Dozens of released Software products
Team of TDG, 49 CFR, IATA, IMDG Experts
Advanced knowledge Of HAZMAT Regulations
Unbeatable service 24/7

Resolves your HAZMAT Challenges
Our Software Design Principals
All the software licenced is web based. This
has huge ramifications to an organization:
Automatic software update
Automatic software back up
Remote access
Multi-device compatibility
Security tested
The cost savings and efficiency
resulting in always positive ROI
Industry Partnerships
We are active participants of most North American Transportation
Associations with high awareness of latest trends
First Line Support
Our HAZMAT Experts are Committed to delivering the best
service for your compliance and success
George Kongalath
8 years of HAZMAT
Key Clients support
Sridevi Akurathi
Support Manager
6 years of HAZMAT Clients support
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